Miss Pap Dreamy Dress


You know when you're online shopping and you see something and internally scream 'BE MINE'? Well yeah, that's what happened here. After saying the other day that I don't really wear dresses that much, you may be thinking that it seems a little silly for me to pick up this beauty from the Miss Pap website. You know what though? I love it. I absoloutley adore the 90s neckline and the simplistic stripes were just dying to be a part of my minimal wardrobe. 

Here, I wanted to emphasise the white in the dress and so chose to style it with my white vintage earrings and my white Red Herring heels (sorry they're back agaaaain, haha) - simple but makes an impact.

When it came to hair and make up I definitely took to magazines for inspiration. I had been flicking through Vogue magazine earlier that day and there was a particular Celine advert that caught my eye. I loved the model's hair and decided I wanted to try mine out like that. I really like it and it's kinda making me want long hair again.... so we'll see! I went for a bronzy, glowy make up look and kept things quite simple - I wanted the dress to do the talking.

If you want to recreate this look yourself, head to Miss Pap and snap this beauty up quick, hurry! 

Shop Miss Pap HERE 


  1. So gorgeous Holly! Love this dress, the neckline is super cute <3

  2. This dress is gorgeous! x

  3. I love the dress especially as i'm a huge lover of striped material! Love your blog also your hair's so beautiful i love the colour! Xx

  4. Replies
    1. Eeeek, Thank you Amy that really means a lot! X

  5. You look gorgeous in these pics! Loooove that hair! And the dress is such a beaut too!

    Amy x

  6. I really like this dress and it looks awesome on you! Been seeing alot of Miss Pap recently on bloggers so I'll have to check it out <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  7. I love your style! Another beautiful outfit :)


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