Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation


This foundation is the best budget foundation I have EVER tried. Truly brilliant.

Bourjois Healthy Mix is a light and airy foundation with excellent coverage. I use the lightest shade Light Vanilla, which matches my pale complexion perfectly and tend to blend it into my skin using my Real Techniques expert face brush. I find that this way I achieve the most natural look but also the look with the most coverage.

It's super long lasting and gives the skin a dewy glow, making your face look bright and 'healthy'.

At the moment I am absolutely smitten with this foundation, wearing everyday above all of my higher end products. Definitely a must-have for your make up collection.


  1. Lovely post, what skin type would you recommend this for as I've heard people talk about this foundation a lot but I'm not sure if it's right for my skin. x

  2. I have combination skin, and I think it works nicely! But I don't think it would stay well on oilier skin types since its very light and hydrating!

  3. Ok thank you I also have combination skin so will have to try it in the future. x

  4. I have had the Healthy mix concealer and it's really amazing and I was thinking about doing a review about it next sunday and then I might buy this foundation.


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