The Theory Of Everything


The Theory Of Everything is the film which follows the life of Stephen Hawking and the romance between him and Jane Wilde.

This film is everything rolled into one. It's moving, it's romantic, it's funny and it's sad, but it all works perfectly. After Stephen, played by Eddie Redmayne, is diagnosed with motor neuron disease, he becomes more determined than ever to discover the beginning of time. We follow him on his journey in the world of science but also get see the heart warming relationship between him and Jane, played by Felicity Jones.

Eddie Redmayne's performance is phenomenal. Everything from his voice to his movements, his expressions, were excellent. I truly believed he was Stephen and it really brought the film to life.

Felicity Jones was also wonderful and really portrayed Jane's life and struggles really well. Plus, she is simply stunning!

The costume throughout the film was something that really caught my eye. I loved the 60's style dresses and sweater vests, and I think the hair, which changed according to age, was great.

It is definitely one of my favourite films I have ever witnessed. A must-see!

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