Something that I have been thinking about a lot recently is other people. What other people are doing, what other people say and what other people have that I don't have.

In life, you may have to face some struggles and make tough decisions. The decisions you make need to come from what YOU individually feel and think. Don't let others influence you or sway you, unless it's for your benefit.

For example, going to University or College, many people do it. It seems like the logical way to survive in this world, but it isn't necessarily for everyone. Not everyone enjoys education, not everyone needs a degree and millions of 'A's. If you are subjecting yourself to something you won't enjoy, then stop. Someone who really doesn't enjoy that academic side of life might persuade themselves that going to University is the only thing they can do. Not true. Do what you love. Don't do anything you don't want to do.

I am in no way saying that University or College are bad. Of course not! They're perfect place for the right people. But... if they're not, you don't need to worry.

The way I'm starting to think of it is that 'Everything HAS to work out'. You must just come to a point where things slot into place, whether that's due to education, a job, a person, it must just happen.

It may seem scary to not know what you're doing, where you're going. That's where I am right now. However, as long as I continue to do things that I enjoy or have interest in, then I can do no wrong because that can only lead you to do something or be somewhere you like. Somewhere you are happy.

What I'm trying to say is that it's okay to not follow the norms of life. It's okay to be different, in what ever way that may be.

I love photography, beauty, fashion, blogging, so I subject myself to those things rather than anything else. No one has to do something they hate, no one.

Do what is right for YOU.