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Vivianna Does Make Up
Anna's blog is so good and informative, as well as her YouTube channel. She focuses mainly on beauty but does lifestyle and style posts also. I always check out her blog to see what is new in the beauty world, as she always has the best advice. There is a new post everyday!
Her blog: 

Lily Pebbles
Similarly to Anna, Lily is also a YouTuber and blogs every single day. She once again posts mainly about beauty but does lifestyle posts such as her 'Wear, Life, Eats' , which I love. Lily gives great insights into all the different products and usually has a contradiction for a lot of the hypes - I love that about her! If you love Anna, you'll love Lily, the two go hand and hand!
Her blog:

Ghost Parties
Kate is my home interior inspo. Her ideas are simply stunning. She has a minimal style that combines with a vintage and Scandinavian vibe. Truly gorgeous. She also gives great beauty tips too!
Her blog:

What Olivia Did
I love Olivia. Her style is beautiful. She too is a fellow red lip and Lulu Guinness lover and takes the most gorgeous photographs. Her blog is lovely to browse through. it's filled with outfit posts and advice on travel - one of my favourites will always be her trip to Las Vegas!
Her blog:

Beauty Crush
Sammi is someone who I have looked up to for years. I found her on YouTube back in 2009 and fell in love with everything about her - her hair, her style, her lovely personality! She has a minimalist style...lots of of monochrome (my fav) and just has such a nice way about her. She offers great advice as well as reviewing things from beauty to food.
Her blog:

Hello October
Suzie does a mixture of everything too. She does fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts. I particularly love Suzie's blog for her YouTube videos however. I love her make up tutorials, her style is right up my alley.
Her blog:

Alix is a beauty. I love her personality, she's just so down to earth! Her style is minimal and very classic. I love her make up tutorials and occasional fashion posts - I recently enjoyed her post about her new red coat!
Her blog:

Becca Rose
Becca has got to be one of the most bubbliest and relatable people I have ever seen. Underneath all that thick long hair there is literally a heart of pure gold! Becca has really helped to influence me. The way that she bounces back from the bad things that get in her way. I truly admire that. Additionally, I love her fashion sense - very 60s! Plus, her make up is on point - sleek and precise.
Her blog:

Framboise Fashion
Sarah has such a quirky style. She has quite a minimalist style but isn't afraid to incorporate a bit of bright bold colour into an outfit. I also love the way she adds in her accessories - gorgeous bags and hats. AND, how beautiful is she?!
Her blog:

Pages by Megan
Megan is a fellow northerner - woo! Her style is so so unique. I love her flared jeans and fluffy fur coats. She is an Asos stylist and you can see why! She knows how the jazz up an outfit - make it eye catching and creative. Her hair is gorgeous too.. I really do envy that gorgeous full fringe!
Her blog:

Essie Button
EsteĆ© is my spirit animal. I absolutely adore her and her humour! She is a Canadian beauty blogger and YouTuber. I love her style - especially when it comes to her home interior. She has a Scandinavian vibe, which I adore and also loves the colour black, like me! She makes everything to do with beauty just x10 more fun. I love her videos and think that she just creates a positive atmosphere for her readers and viewers.
Her blog:


  1. Dear Holly,

    I'd love to visit some of your favourite blogs but unfortunately the links don't work! Just wanted to tell you ;)

    xx, Kathi


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