Spotlight on: The Trench Coat



The trench. A classic. A staple for spring 2015.

H&M, once again, came to my rescue when on the hunt for a trench this season. I wanted one which was reasonably priced but still well made.
I picked up this beauty for £49.99 in this lovely powder pink/beige colour. It's something a bit new for me, as I always tend to chose dark colours or white. However, my Mum, being as strong willed as she is, told me to try it on.

I liked the colour in contrast with my hair and my red lipstick and I liked the way that it went nicely with all of the colours I usually wear!

Trench coats are a staple for spring this year and if you can get your hands on one, I definitely would. A trench is timeless, worth investing in and not to mention super comfy and flattering.


  1. You're totally right about trenchcoats! I also bought mine from H&M ages ago when they had it on a poster all over the city and i remember that it only costed 29€! I still were it a lot :)

    lg, Kathi

  2. Awwww i searched for exactly this one after seeing it on Instagram! Love the colour, such a beautiful coat!

  3. I'm in love with H&M at the moment there new range is fantastic and this pale pink trench is gorgeous! Whats the fit like?


  4. Really comfortable and looks great when I tie it around my waist to make it more fitted!

  5. awesome! I may have to look into this! My old one looks a tiny bit outdated this year! :)


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