CK One Liquid Eyeliner Marker 700 Good GirlI found this eye liner to be very intriguing with it being a brown shade. I thought that the colour might be nice to use against my skin tone and light eye lashes. Unfortunately I did find this liner to be quite watery almost. However, I liked the colour pay off and the brush was soft and flexible, making it pretty easy to use. (I'm not the biggest eye liner user in the first place - maybe one of you could try it out and then let me know what you think?)

CK One Eye Shadow 720 EvolvedThis eye shadow fits into my collection very well. It is a muted brown/taupe colour with a shimmery finish. It looks lovely with blue eyes and i like that the shimmer is not too much - it's just right. I will definitely be using this to create a few looks in the future.