Dressing like Donna from That 70's Show...


This over-sized denim jacket is a vintage Levis from Pop Boutique. I love the light denim wash - perfect for spring/summer.The oversized style gives the look a bit of an edge and also means it's really comfy.

My trousers are black flares from Topshop. I like how they add a minimalist look to the trend and also make me feel like I'm off That 70's Show haha! I think that they elongate my legs nicely too, helping to make me look a little taller - which is always a bonus.

My boots are from New Look - they are a classic Chelsea boot and go perfectly with any kind of outfit. (If you follow me on Instagram @_hollywhite, you will now that these never leave my feet!)

My bag is a white canvas tote which I bought from Ebay. It's easy to carry around and adds a bit of a relaxed feel to the outfit.

This top is a lilac long sleeve t shirt from Missguided. I love the pastel colour and think it looks great tucked into trousers. It's a really nice colour that works well with my very black, white and grey wardrobe.

Let me know, what are you loving about the 70's trend?

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  1. I am all about this outfit. It's my favorite thing, mixing dressier pieces with more casual ones. Probably my favorite part of the '70s trend is jumpsuits... They just look so dang comfy!!

    xx Alyssa — fragments of memories


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