The Tangle Teezer- one of the most popular hair styling products out there, but the one product that I have been without for so long. I've been telling myself for years now 'Holly you need to buy a tangle teezer..' or 'Next time I'll buy one'... but unfortunately I never got around to doing so. It wasn't until my Mum surprised me with this beauty that my wish finally came true.

*does Marks and Spencer's advert voice* 
This isn't just any Tangle Teezer, this is a Lulu Guinness Tangle Teezer. Yes, that's right. One of my favourite designers has collaborated with them to produce the hair brush of my dreams. The beautiful classic red lip print and the monochrome stripes are absoloutley gorgeous.

In terms of being a hairbrush - it is also absoloutley gorgeous! It banishes knots from my hair completely and leaves it silky and soft. It is definitely worth the price tag. This is also the compact version meaning that it is easy to carry around with me in my bag for hair emergencies when I'm out (talking gale force winds here people...)

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