On a recent shopping trip, I picked up this gorgeous paisley waistcoat, new in, at Topshop. It immediately caught my eye. I saw it first on a mannequin and loved how it was styled with a simple white gypsy top and a trilby. I love the colours in it. They are quite unusual - a turquoisey green and blue - for a paisley print.

I decided to style it with this long white maxi top from Forever 21. I love the way that both items are long in length - they worked great with my high heeled boots. It created an illusion that I was much taller than I actually am haha! I created waves in my hair and wore MAC's Kinda Sexy. I wanted to create a kind of Boho-chic look and really liked the outcome.

This outfit might be simple but the waistcoat definitely draws your attention. What do you think?