Let me start by saying just how much I adore Topshop Make Up packaging. Those polka dots are just the prettiest thing!

A while ago, I was on the hunt for a brown eye pencil to help add definition to my pale eyes (since black can sometimes be too harsh). I wandered into Topshop and found myself loving the concept of these Kohls which, seemed perfect for blending out - my desired look - so I grabbed the shade Sable and went on my way.

This is a pretty  good product to say the least. It's soft, creamy and doesn't drag. The pigmentation is great and is perfect for creating a smoky look. All for just £4.00! The only downside is that I do find this to be quite difficult to remove, but it is a good long lasting product.

If you're on the hunt for a new eye pencil, I highly recommend you have a look at Topshop's collection.