Basic Grey Tee


A basic grey tee is something that everyone needs in they're wardrobe. You can dress them up, dress them down and create pretty much any look you want with them. You could create a more casual look like i have here or style one with a white blazer and heels to create a more classy look.

I like to go for a round neck tee, as I find the fit the most flattering. However, you can also switch it up and go for a v-neck or even a high neck tee to create some even more interesting looks.

If you haven't got yourself some basic tees- go get one... now!


  1. I definitely need more basics for my wardrobe. Especially for work!

    Rachel |

  2. You're gorgeous!! I'm seriously fawning over your hair right now. I definitely need more basic staples in my closet. I've actually got a list of things I want for exactly that, but as it turns out, I'm super picky about the fit of a plain tee and the hunt to find one has been a real pain.

    xx Alyssa — fragments of memories


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