This is part two of my Photography tips and is going to be all about how I go about editing my photos.
I love the process of editing an image and making it the best that it can be. For my photos I love using my VSCO Cam app or I have used Photoshop in the past.

Filters - Using the VSCO Cam app, I select a filter that works the best with my photo before going on to enhance the photo more. I like the pre-sets C4, H1, H2, A5, S2, B1 and B2.

Exposure - The first thing that I like to do is increase the exposure. I find that this helps my photo to look brighter and cleaner, which is a style that I really like. I increase the exposure by 25-50% usually. Sometimes I will also decrease the exposure depending on the quality of my image.

Contrast - Next, I like to play around with the contrast. I usually like to increase the contrast as I find it helps my photo to look sharper and more focused.

Temperature/Saturation - Sometimes I find that a photo has quite a warm-yellow tone to it due to the lighting or location. I like to decrease the temperature/saturation of my images to keep the colour scheme much more neutral and fresh. Alternatively I may increase the temperature depending on the image I am editing.

Sharpness - I also like to increase the sharpness of my images to showcase the quality much better. This makes my photos appear very focused and precise.

I play around with these steps until I create a photo which I am perfectly happy with.

I hope these tips helped and enjoy editing!