This post has been so over-requested by you guys that I thought that it was finally time I put something together. I am in no way a photography expert but I love taking photos and the process of creating beautiful imagery. This is going to be a bit of a simple guide of how I go about taking my photos and hopefully you guys find it helpful. Also, I have split this post into two - one post being about taking photos and the other being about editing photos. So, lets jump right into post one!

Learn your way around a camera - It helps to know a little about the camera you are using and the way to get the best outcome out of it. You can find simple tips on-line about changing the ISO and using your own custom settings to produce quality imagery.

Plan ahead - When it comes to my photos I like to think about what I want it to look like. I think about the composition: What background? What will be in the photo? One object/person or more? What colours? I like to use others as inspiration, as well as Tumblr/Pinterest and make sure I have everything I need for that particular photo. If it's an outfit photo, I like to think about location and the outfit I will be wearing - I want them to work together and be coherent.

Try out different perspectives - Think about what angle you want to take your photo from. Do you want a front on shot, a birds eye view, etc.? How close to your subject do you want to be? Do you want a close up or a long shot? Take a few different shots until you find one you really like.

What is the purpose of the photo? - Additionally, I like to think about what I might say about my photo. If it's an outfit photo, I need to ensure I talk about every aspect of an outfit and highlight that to my readers.

I hope these tips helped! Keep an eye for the second post tommorow!