Are you one of those people that loves everything they own to have a little added touch of personality? I feel you. It's nice to make even your mobile phone look like it could possibly only be yours!

Now, I'm one of those girls that has their phone glued to the palm of their hand, constantly on Instagram, posting away or replying to comments. The phone has basically become a part of my day to day outfits, so why not make it look super duper pretty?

Not only does a phone case protect your device from becoming battered and bruised (if you saw mine up close you'd want to take it to A&E), but it also gives your phone a little pizazz. Iconemesis kindly sent me one of their cases to check out and as soon as it arrived I was totally *heart eyes emoji*. This case is printed with a black and white feather print which I find matches my personality perfectly! They do a load of other prints too, there has got to be at least one that takes your fancy...

I definitely recommend checking out Iconemesis. The cases are great quality and so so pretty!

Find them here: ICONEMESIS