The Crochet Skirt


Rooting through the H&M SALE the other day, I stumbled upon this gorgeous skirt and knew that I had to make it mine. It was only £15, perfect for summer and is right up my street!

I wasn't too sure if I'd be able to pull it off as I'm not one to usually show my legs at all but I thought I would give it a go!

I styled it simply with a gingham bra-let and my HENNING Sunnies by Lines and Current. I added a red lip and left it at that... I always believe that less is more and I think that that really applies here with this skirt. I adore the crochet detail and the high waisted style - I always like high waisted pieces as I feel like they're the most flattering on me.

I love love love it!

How would you style this skirt? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Love ittttt, such a perfect outfit for British Summer!

  2. I love high waisted skirts too! Love the simple yet chic styling- perfect! x

    Emily ♡

  3. this skirt is gorgeous! I love how you have styled it! x

  4. this skirt is absolutely gorgeous! love it!

    Haru Haru


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