As you might have seen in my Birthday Clothing Haul I uploaded on Sunday, I received this play-suit for my birthday and I absoloutley love it.

I adore the lace up front detail and it's something I'm seeing everywhere at the moment so knew I had to get it! The material is super comfy and stretchy making it easy to flounce around like fairy...if you feel like it... or to carry a food baby and have it go unnoticed.

It makes me feel almost 'Gothic' and 'witchy', which (haha witch which), I weirdly kindaa like... It also has that element of a 70s vibe though. I however, do look more on the Gothic side... *darn you, pale pale skin*

On my lips I decided to wear Revlon's Chocolicious and my shoes are from Topshop!

I'm looking forward to styling this up a bit more and creating some different looks.