Am I J-Lo Yet?


We all remember when J-Lo's leg was the most exciting thing at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards right? Well, after seeing every one looking pretty in their prom dresses this year, I thought that I would whip mine out and channel my inner pop star.

Yes, this is indeed my prom dress from last year. I still love it- I went with a simple black chiffon dress and will probably keep it forever!

Here I'm wearing Clinique Cola Pop on my lips and I've gone for a bit of a slick back hair style. I feel like this is the kind of thing I'd go for on my first red carpet... or even if I did my prom again!

Would you wear your prom dress again and would you want to wear it on the red carpet? let me know!


  1. You look amazinggg Holly, this is actually really similar to the dress I wore to my prom all those years ago ha! // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Thank you Amy! Great minds think alike aha! Xx


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