Dungarees and White Tees



Headline: DUNGAREES TAKING WORLD BY STORM. Okay, okay, I may be being a little dramatic. But seriously, we all need a pair of dungarooos in our wardrobe. 

This pair are from Matalan and are just perfect for me. They're nice and loose, giving me room to do everything from rock climbing to eating all of the mango in the world.. (I like me some mango okay?) ...(not so keen on rock climbing though... I'm just explaining...). I feel like I could pair these with just about anything. 

Here, I'm styling them with a slogan tee from Zara and my beautiful shoes from Topshop. Comfy, yet a little bit gangster. 

ps/ I don't know what has come over me but I'm feeling a little comedic with my blog posts right now ahaha. 


  1. This outfit looks so nice on you and I'm really starting to like dungarees so I might have to buy a pair soon. x

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