Summer or Winter?


Now, although I appreciate the odd sunny day here and there, I know that my heart belongs to winter and the snow and the rain. But I'm not sure whether there are a lot of people out there that would feel the same way.

You see, I love being cold and then warming up with a cosy blanket, a hoodie and drinking a mug of tea! Whereas in the summer, you can't do any of that! In the summer I literally try to hibernate as much as possible. I went for a five minute walk the other day and came back with burnt for reaaaallls. I just can't cope with the heat.

But what I want to know is, if you're a summer lover, what is it that you love? What makes it your favourite time of year? The cons for me probably relate most to the fact that I don't tan and literally get sunstroke just from a humid day.. so yeah... I'm just trying to see the summer through other people's eyes and get the most out of it. Otherwise, i'm just going to be sat in front on a fan until September ahaha.

Also, if you love winter like me, let me know i'm not alone!


  1. Hi Holly! I completely agree with you, summer just really isn't for me and I find it so difficult to cope with, as a fellow redhead I think we're just not built for warm weather! I'm already looking forward to the lovely cool months :) hope you're having a great day, I've been really enjoying your blog and youtube recently!
    Hannah x

  2. This post speaks to my heart! I appreciate it when the sun comes out as log as it doesn't go above 19 degrees because he minute it hits twenty or higher I cannot cope and I just melt. I much prefer autumn and winter

  3. So glad I'm not the only one who can't wait for Winter! I like the idea of Summer, and enjoy it for a time, but I'm beginning to wish for rain and cold again now...! [Love your blog btw]
    --AshCam |

  4. I too am not a massive fan of summer, I just can't function in heat! My favourite season has to be autumn though, everything looks so pretty and it's so much cooler but not so cold that you're shivering to death.
    Libby x


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