The High Neck Crop Top That Has Taken My Heart


During my recent birthday shopping trip I picked up this high neck crop top, initially feeling a little apprehensive...

I don't usually buy crop tops, but I had seen so many girls looking so fabulous in this kind of style that I just thought 'You know what? I'll try it out!". 

I already had this black midi skirt and thought that I would try the two out together- almost as if they are a kind of two piece... I really love the look! I think that the two work really well together, especially with the dark vampy lip. I'm looking forward to styling it up a few more ways in the future though too. Give me your suggestions of what might work!

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  1. Love this look! I love pairing crop tops with high waisted jeans - I prefer only seeing a little bit of belly like you've done here too,

    Amy X


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