I'm going to put it out there.. I don't think i've had a hair cut for 5/6 months...ooops. Recently, I've just been feeling clueless about what to do with the mop on my head and since I ain't gonna be dying it no crazy colour any time soon (gotta preserve that gingerness) there isn't a lot I can think about doing. Usually I would just chop it all off, but I kind of miss being able to throw my hair into a messy bun and not have 70% of it fall back down. At the moment, I'm just letting it grow. I'm thinking that I'll just keep growing it until it gets to a length I like and then I think I'll just stick with that for a bit..who knows? What even is this blog post?... who knows? *hair ramblings of a crazy person*

I just thought i'd keep you posted on my hair.. there's no reason for it really ahaha... Although, please let me know if there's any particular style you think I would suit! I'm definitely up for hearing any opinions...so yeaaah