Usually I'm not really into wearing dresses that often, but the other day when I was off out on a coffee date with my gals, I just had this urge to wear a dress and tights. I think I find dresses to sometimes be a little unflattering on my figure (I do kind of feel like I look a bit oddly shaped here) but none the less, we all gotta try things out!

Now, whilst having a mooch round the shops, I kept on grabbing all floppy hats in sight and trying them on. I'd then proceed to ask my friends 'Does this suit me? I don't think hats suit me!' or 'Does this make my head look big? Why does my head look so small?' and I could feel them just wanting to get the hats and hit me with them ahaha.

We headed into H&M and literally moments before me and my friends got into the que to pay for some other bits and bobs, I just said 'I'm going to try on that hat- one last try!'. I reached up to grab the hat from the hook, walked over to a mirror, put the hat onto my ginger head and, oh my god, it was love. God damn, I love this hat and I really like it with this dress! The moment I got home, I grabbed my camera and tripod and just had to shoot some quick snaps of them together.

I'd kindaa wanted a hat like this for a while now and I feel so chuffed that I've finally got one that I really like! yaaaay yayyy yayayay