La Redoute Capsule Wardrobe #C'estPourMoi - Look 2


I'm taking part in La Redoute's Capsule Wardrobe Campaign - here's Look 2!

This is a look that would be something I'd definitely style up for everyday wear (she says despite the fact that she spends most her days in her PJs.). Since this shirt has a much more feminine feel to it than the pieces I normally wear, I have gone for a much girlier everyday look. I wanted to create a casual style that would be great for just popping into town and running errands (even though I just sit here, at my laptop haha) ...

I decided to style my La Redoute blouse along with my Topshop Joni Jeans, my H&M trench and my heeled Chelsea boots. I think these jeans are great for adding that little pop of colour and the fitted style contrasts perfectly with the floaty top. The trench adds a bit of a feminine touch, whilst I feel that the boots keep the look kindaa sassy - we all love a bit of sass. I also opted to wear Vegas Volt lipstick from MAC (check out my MAC Lipstick Collection here) since I think it pulled all the colours in the look together nicely and created a kind of 'spring time' vibe.

However, if I were going to make this look a little more 'me' and less 'girly', I would definitely grab for some skinny black trousers and a white bag, since you know that I love my monochrome! 

What do you think of this everyday look? Look 3 is coming tommorow!



  1. Love this look Holly! The shirt is such a nice take on the classic x

  2. Such a stunning outfit, I'm obsessed with the trench jacket. You look lovely.

    Olivia // BLONDE LA MODE

  3. I love how you styled this top! Such a gorgeous outfit!


  4. Your sense of style is always so amazing. And you look extra gorgeous in the first photo!

  5. gorgeous photography! especially the first picture x

    georgie on the wall


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