La Redoute Capsule Wardrobe #C'estPourMoi - Look 4


I'm taking part in La Redoute's Capsule Wardrobe Campaign - here's Look 4!

When I chose this shirt to style for the campaign, I did begin to question, 'wait, how am I going to make this look badass?!' and well I gave it my best shot right here...

Here I decided to turn the shirt's girly vibe on it's head and go totally 'biker chic' or 'cat woman esque' haha, how else can i describe it?! I styled the shirt underneath my black and white polka dot jumper from Mango, allowing only the collar to pop through to add that tiny 'feminine' touch. I whacked on these skinny trousers from ASOS, which make me feel like I'm about to jump on a motor cycle and zoom off into the distance (that would never happen, but ya know) and also grabbed my new favourite heels to add that classy feelin'. Adding my bomber jacket at the end was the perfect finishing touch and makes me feel like a complete badass...even though I wouldn't hurt a fly...

If you were going to try and make this shirt look 'bad ass', how would you go about it?



  1. Work it hol! You look ace, love that jumper!

    Robyn xo

  2. That bomber jacket it stunning on you! Love the simple styling of it! x

  3. Love this look! You look gorgeous! x

  4. Love the bomber! I wasnt lying when I said I was going to stalk your blog lol really loving your style.
    If I was to make this shirt badass I think I would add lots of chunky layered silver necklaces!

  5. Your brows look great! Love the natural makeup look with sleek hair x


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