eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I can't even believe it. October last year, I was a complete mess, everything was falling apart and if I'm really honest, it kind of looked like the end of my life was there and then. October this year is going to be totally different though, thank god! Yesterday, I spent the majority of my day crying...not in a bad way though...they were totally happy tears. I found out that I have been short listed in the #BloggersBlogAwards and I am in so much shock. I'm nominated for Up & Coming Fashion Blogger and oh me... oh my... *starts crying again*

In October I'm going to head down to Leeds, meet so many fabulous blogging peeeeps and know that I've come so far to be there (I'll also be very very giddy!). I'm going to get to meet the lovely Phases Of Robyn, The Goodowl, Avenue De Sophie and so so many more babes that are nominated. I just can't wait!

I think this post, more than anything, is just a bit of reflection. I mean, I could have just given up last October and said that I didn't want to try anymore, but I didn't. I told myself that I'd live and I'd be successful even without college or the normal things everyone else was doing... and now look at me, I'M BLOODY NOMINATED FOR AN AWARD *squeals*.

I'm totally crying whilst typing this hahaha, get a grip Hol!

But seriously, I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much to every one who voted for me and I hope that you're as excited as I am for October. I really couldn't do any of this without your support.

If you want to vote for me in the shortlist, here's the link - - it would mean the world to me!

Big big loves to you all ♥