It's important to find peace. I'm definitely a stressed out person, but there are little things in life that are able to just take my mind away and chill me out...

Portmeirion are running a competition where they have asked bloggers to create a collage of 4 photos that show what wellbeing means for you, whether it be a person that brings you peace, a certain place, anything at all! The winner gets a nights stay at the Portmeirion hotel including dinner, bed and breakfast.

Sounds good, doesn't it?!

Here are four things that bring me peace:

1. Fashion

My one true love. Fashion, clothes, styling - for some reason just take my mind away to another place. When I think about outfits, I get excited and try to be as creative as I can. I love simplicity so the outfits I create are pretty minimal and there's something about a minimal outfit that just keeps my head clear. It's like a representation, I guess, of a clear mind!

2. Netflix

Ah yes, everyone's favourite. There's no doubt that watching Netflix calms everyone down. I love having lazy days and just sitting binge watching the US Office whilst I'm snuggled up in bed. There's nothing like it!

3. Friends

Talking to my friends completely chills me out. They always take my mind away from what's stressing me out and even if we're just texting, they're able to make me laugh so hard I nearly wee hahaha.

4. Writing Blog Posts

Writing is a love of mine. I like to get my words down, my thoughts, everything down I guess... I just find it nice to get everything onto a page and out of my head where everything is really jumbled up!

So there you go! If you fancy entering, the competition closes October 4th 2015, so choose four photos and share the hashtag!

I nominate the lovely Phases of Robyn! ♥