Today's post is in collaboration with the absoloutley fabulous Pilleriin Leet who blogs over at Hello Fashion Stuff. We decided we wanted to have a look at our different styles and see how each of us could style a certain piece of clothing 3 ways. We decided on a blazer. So, here are my 3 looks, I hope you enjoy:

1. Chic in a Bra

Here i've simply thrown my blazer over..well, my bra. I think this look is pretty darn cool and at least I actually get to show off my pretty underwear here (lol). I tried this look with both my ripped jeans and my culottes because I couldn't decide which I liked best... and I still can't!

2. Shopping in the city

Here I am in my natural state... surgically attached to my phone! I envisioned myself strutting the streets of a city (for me it would be Manchester...there ain't not way I can get to New York) and thought about how I could make a blazer look casual but still cool. I grabbed for my new favourite Closet London dress, my heeled chlesea boots and Zara bag... oh and of course my phone..

3. Everyday in boots

Finally, I went for a more casual look. Now.. I'm not actually sure the colours of this outfit go together all that well.. but I'm lacking in blazers so just go with it haha! Here I'm just wearing a simple tee, my Topshop joni jeans and then my heeled Chelsea boots again. This is a super comfy outfit but adding a blazer helps to give that element of sophistication.

I really hope you liked the outfits I created! If you want to check out Pilleriin's post click HERE and you can also find her on Instagram @ pilleriinleet