Autumn/Winter is approaching and we all know what that means... Jumpers, Sweaters, Coats - some of my favourite things! ForeverModo recently sent me this fabulous piece and although at first I was litttle unsure, since I'm not usually one for slogan items, I really really like this look!

Now, you may have seen a little sneak peak of this over on my Snapchat (hollywhitee) when I was awaiting the arrival of my little 2008 Mac-book that I bought second hand, literally just for the purpose of I Movie...anyway... this top was perfect to wear whilst I was was screaming 'TELL ME WHY MY MACBOOK AINT HERE!' and when I found out that I needed to buy software for it too even though Mac-books usually come with it installed urghhh... 'WHY GOD WHY?'...

Here, I've definitely taken on a little more of a chilled out vibe. I decided to whip out my £3 Primark culottes and my Primark mules to create a comfy look. I love the slouchy-ness of the sweater and culottes together and a think that the mules help to add a little bit of an edge. I obviously also adore the monochrome theme we've got going on here too.

I'm actually really excited to wear this piece during the colder months! If you want to pick it up yourself, you can do so here - I soooo would if I were you!

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