Today's post is in collaboration with Your Shores. Your Shores are an outerwear brand who strive in creating pieces built to last and to fit you just how you like it. They stock high quality pieces ready for any kind of weather and any occasion. They kindly sent me three fabulous pieces to try out and I have to say, they are just lovely!

As a busy girl these days (and a complete and utter stress head) sometimes it's hard to be styling different outfits and being totally sassy and stylish all of the time. So, when it came to these jackets I thought, maybe these can help solve my problem. Sometimes you need 3 different jackets for one outfit and well, that's what I have here. I stuck with a basic striped tee, some super comfy black trousers and my Asos heels because... well, I can't not wear them haha and decided to let the jackets do the talking. 


First up is this dip dye beauty. This jacket is totally badass and basically says that I'm a total boss bitch hahaha. (I'm really not, but I'd like to think this jacket gives me some boss bitch attitude.) I love the dip dye, it's so cool and I think works perfectly with my minimal style. I'll be wearing this jacket on the days where I'm rushing round, hella stressed and screaming "don't come near me or I might just have a hissy fit!" because that way, I can be a total stress head but also look really cool whilst being so haha.


This tan jacket is perfect for blending in. If I'm ever in the mood to just hide in the crowd and go about my day in peace, this is the jacket I'll be grabbing for. I love how well the shade goes with my hair and it compliments my complexion. It's just lovely! Plus, it's a gorgeous suede material which just gives it an extra +10 Holly points!


This is the same jacket as the tan one however, this is a jacket for a complete opposite kind of mood. The red is so bright and fun and just tells people 'I'M HERE!'. On those days where I'm feeling super socialable, this beauty will be fab. I can imagine myself pulling out the red lipstick along with this jacket and dancing around to the radio like a crazy lady - definitely a jacket to wear when you're in a good mood!

If you want to check out Your Shores then you can head to their site by clicking here and I'll try and link the jackets below for you! Tell me, what do these jackets say to you and what mood would you be wearing them in? I'd love to know!

Dip Dye :
Tan :
Red :