The Cutest Pinafore with Boohoo #WeAreReady


Hey! Remember in THIS huge blogger haul video, I showed you that gorgeous Boohoo pinafore? Well, here it is!

I absolutely love this piece, it's just so cute and when it arrived I immediately knew exactly how I wanted to style it. I grabbed for my ASOS turtle neck and my good ol' heeled Chelsea boots and looked in the mirror and thought 'you know what? this is hella cute!' 

You know me, I love simple look and well, this just does it for me haha! I feel like you could throw anything underneath this pinafore and it would instantly make you feel cute as hell. I feel like it also gives a bit of an indie/vintage vibe too, which is cool. The denim is nice shade against my hair and is a great way of incorporating a little bit of colour into my outfits.

If you haven't already seen the video where I show you the fabulous box of goodies Boohoo sent me, the head on over to my channel here and also remember to check out the Boohoo website for some of their fab new stock!  

How would you style this pinafore? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. I recently ordered a pinafore as well and I am on the look out for ordering another one. I feel like they are very easy to style as well. You should try wearing it with a shirt or a striped top underneath that looks very cute as well!xx

  2. Love this look, Holly!

  3. I LOVE it! Boohoo has some of the best finds, i recently got a jumpsuit from there (which everyone asks me where i got it, and are always shocked when i say!) It's really good quality too - might have to investigate!


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