For those of you who don't follow me on instagram, you may not have seen me wearing this gorgeous tee already... well, here you go! The lovely people at London Hates You kindly wanted to send me one of their pieces and when looking through their collection, I was instantly drawn to this one. Of course, monochrome is right up my street as we all know and I also love a good comfy tee that can still keep me looking nice and stylish.

I love the large slogan on the tee and the contrast between the white and the black sleeves. I styled it super casual here with my black Boohoo jeans and my heeled Chelsea boots and I just think it's a really nice, good quality tee. I also really love the length of it - something that actually comes past my belly button for once (you rarely find that these days in a crop topped filled world!)

If you want to check out London Hates You and their lovely pieces, simply click here and also go find them on instagram @ldnhatesyou!

Let me know how else you'd like to see me style this tee and I''ll give it a go for you!