Hola, Beunos Dias! Today I thought that i would share with you some of the lovely bloggers I've been loving recently...so here goes!

Phases Of Robyn
Robyn is my gal. You probably already knew that. but anyway... I adore her blog and even though we have different styles, I love seeing how she styles things up! Her blog is easy to read and fun and also has lovely photography (despite what she may think herself *tut tut*).. She is also doing one for all of us speccy four eyes out there because she is just such a hottie in those specs ♥

Wonderful You
Megan is so gorgeous and lovely, it genuinely makes me want to cry haha. I'd followed her on Instagram from a while before I started watching her Youtube videos and reading her blog but oh my god, what was I doing with my life?! She's fab! Also her blog recently had a re-vamp and it's absoloutley stunning - go check it out!

Patricia has quite similar style to me (or she wears what I'd like to wear anyway!), so I love seeing how she wears pieces and pairs things together (although.. she manages to make things a lot cooler and add a lot more colour haha). Her style is quite minimal like mine, but I absolutely love how she layers her pieces and mixes things up. Also, can I just add that, she's bloody beautiful?! Face goals right there!