Now, you might not think that I'm the type of girl who makes a lot of bad decisions...but trust me, I do. Whether it's talking to stupid boys or simply picking the wrong nail varnish colour to match my outfit, I'm always doing something daft!

If you can't already tell, this post is a fabulous collaboration with Rad - a super cool fun brand that seem to be the big thing right now...I mean even Miss Kyle Jenner's wearing it! When Rad asked me to pick some pieces from their site, I was quickly drawn to this tee and this hat. The tee features what is basically one of my life mottos right now, since I have no idea what I'm doing haha *secretly cries on the inside* and the hat is just perfect to wear if I'm feeling well and truly bored out my brainsssss.

I'm not usually one to wear hats but I thought I'd give it a go since I thought this piece was sooo super cool and well, I love it! But.... I do think it makes my head look a lot bigger haha. Maybe I'm just not a hat person, but do you know what? This hat is too uber cool not to wear!

The tee on the other hand is perfect for me. I'm a bad decision maker - it's a fact - and to finally have it in writing feels v good lol. This tee is perfect to tuck into my jeans or great to just cosy up in on a chilly evening. OR, EVEN BETTER.... it's the perfect thing to wear the morning after a night out - there, nailed it. 

Rad just has some of the coolest pieces I've seen at the moment and well, here's the best part of this blog post... You can get 20% off a purchase on their site with my code HOLLY20! That's right! So, I'm sorry, you're definitely going to have to go and do some spending now! hehehe.

ps/ I've had a haircut today and it's made me realise how bad my hair looks in this post, so apologies! haha.