Blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Christmassssssssssssssssssssssss

Okay okay, this outfit is not in anyway at all festive, but I thought that I'd add a little bit of Christmas to this blog post somehow haha. ☺

Here's a very blue outfit for you all. I'm wearing my comfy navy Zara Basic jumper along with my Boohoo ripped mom jeans and well, you know, my black heeled Chelsea boots of course (which aren't blue lol)! There's something about wearing navy I find really tricky. I'm not too sure why, but it's a colour I love to buy but sometimes struggle to wear. I loved the idea of the navy blue against the light blue denim wash of the jeans and I found that the two together really made my eyes 'pop'. There's no other reason for me wearing my Chelsea boots, apart from the fact that I basically have no other shoes hahaha, but I think they look okay (ishhhh)...

I'm currently listening to Michael Buble - Blue Christmas whilst writing this and I'm actually starting to feel a little bit more festive. Let me know what your favourite Michael Buble Christmas song is..cause why not? hahaha

Blue Blue Blueeee