Good morning guys! It's officially December, meaning that Christmas festivities are in full swing and it's time we all started thinking about doing a little bit of gift giving (although I know a lot of people start months in advance...I'm not that prepared). This is kind of a guide of the kind of gifts I think would be perfect this Christmas. I hope it can inspire ya a little! 


Faux Fur - Faux fur is the 'big thing' this autumn/winter when it comes to fashion and I am completely obsessed. If you've got a sibling, friend, partner or whoever, that is a fashion lover, then gifting them something all warm and furry (not a new pet...unless you want to do that, then go for it!) this Christmas is the perfect idea! ASOS have some great pieces and also Boohoo is a good place to find faux fur coats for a bargain!

Shoes - Now, who can deny that shoes are a great gift to give a gal. Whether it's simply a new pair of everyday boots or a posh pair of heels, a gal is going to be super happy opening a box of new 'kicks' (totally gangsta saying 'kicks' am I right?')

Accessories - A bit of jewellery or a nice bag is never a miss too at Christmas time. A nice new necklace can be the way to your gal's heart or just getting her some nice arm candy (other than yourself) can be a fab idea!


Make Up - Make Up. I can't survive without it, and neither can most gals out there. Christmas is a great time to stock up on the bits of beauty you've been lusting after all year. Mac Lipsticks are a go to for me and also a good Nars blush/bronzer would't go a miss!

Skincare - Winter is the season where everyone goes from feeling like a glowing goddess, to a dried up prune. The cold weather is forever drying my skin out and trying out new skincare products is always fun. I know that a nice new moisturiser would do me wonders!

Bodycare - The Bodyshop have some amazing gift sets this Christmas and I just thought I'd give them a mention. I'm currently obsessed with trying out body lotions, so a little bodycare set like the ones The Bodyshop are doing would be fabulous!


Decor - Getting nice new decor and sprucing your room up a bit, is always fun. It's great to go into the new year with a nice space for you to chill, work, have fun in! My room is currently a total mess and it would be fab to go into 2016 feeling more organised. Dunelm, Homebase, Habitat, Oliver Bonas, Ikea, TK Maxx are all great places to pick up some nice things!

Prints - We all love a good wall print, am I right? Getting personalised prints or nice little motivational quotes are such lovely gifts to give! Etsy is definitely the place to go for some cute prints and also just hitting up Google to find some nice bits to print out yourself is great!


I know this isn't much of a 'guide' and there aren't many specifics included, but sometimes just getting a little bit inspired can help! Let me know if you have any great gift ideas down in the comments! ITS CHRISTMAAAAS ☺