Getting Christmassy with Claire's


*having this amount of the colour red on my blog is paining me sooooo much #minimalistprobs*

The other day, Friday to exact, I received a mystery piece of blogger mail all wrapped up in red wrapping paper with a glittery red bow on top. I was all like 'oooo' and 'soooo prettyyyyy' and decided to give you guys a little look at it on my Snapchat (username: hollywhitee). So, if you have me on Snapchat, there's a chance that you've already seen a little sneak peak of all of this!

Claire's kindly sent me a little box of goodies all to get me in the Christmas spirit!

They have some amazing bits and bobs for pressies this festive season - especially for any girly girls you know - so here, take a look at some of that fab things they've got!

I love how everything in the box is so so festive!

The baubles are one of my favourite things from the box. I especially like the transparent ones with glitter inside. They're just a nice way to add a bit of fun to your Christmas tree and well, we all love a little bit of pretty calligraphy written on a pretty bauble don't we?

Something I thought was great for younger relatives/friends was the fun phone cases and ginger bread night mask. They're just something a bit daft and I can imagine young teens and especially younger girls, finding them really fun!

Last of all, I loved the little make up bag which was filled with some nice bits to try out over Christmas. I was instantly drawn to the eye shadow palette and red lipstick. Two things a girl can totally be down with at gift giving season! *heart eyes emoji*

Thanks Claire's for such a fun surprise! Remember to pop to a Claire's store if you're lacking in gift ideas this season - they're fabbbbb ☺


  1. SO much colour on this post my eyes are going weird! Love the surprise package though I bet that was adorable to receive, I love the Christmas decorations and that eyeshadow palette!

    Robyn / Phases Of Robyn

  2. I love how festive it all is! I never really think of going to Claire's anymore, I used to love it as a teen but maybe I need to have another look!

    Emma Xx

  3. Everything looks so cute, what a lovely surprise!

  4. This is sooo cute! I love the baubles and the night mask - they're adorable! Great post xxx

    Tasha |


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