Morning guys! Today I thought I'd share with my 'goals' for 2016, enjoy!

1. Continue Blogging
Of course I'm going to continue blogging in 2016, there is no doubt about that at all. I adore blogging and it basically helped saved my life, so I would never quit it. I want to continue posting fashion posts and OOTDs but also begin to share lots more advice posts and just keep you on track with my life. I like to let you all get to know me a bit better! I would love to up my photography game a little too, but to be honest, there isn't too much I want to change just yet - my little old blog seems to be doing pretty darn well as it is right now, yay!

2. Modelling
Ah modelling - I honestly love it! I really want to pursue modelling full time in the new year. I want to keep getting more and more experience and really build up my portfolio. I'm still so new to it all but I feel like I've found my calling right now and it's seriously something I've wanted to do for so so long and well, here we are! Hopefully, by this time next year it will have maybe taken of a little bit, who knows?!

3. Happiness and Laughter
I want to keep laughing in 2016. For about 50% of 2015, I didn't genuinely laugh and would fake it constantly. Now, I laugh lots. It's so great to just wee yourself at a joke your friend has made and just feel really happy - I love it!

4. Family Time
I want to spend more time with my family. This is something I really struggle with. At home, I tend to isolate myself a bit since for so long whilst I was ill, that's what I did. I kind of struggle to communicate with people and spend time with them at home because I just find myself fixated on doing my own thing and getting on with stuff. It will definitely take some work but I want to kind of fix that a little bit!

5. Friendships
In 2016, my friends will be off to Uni (even the thought of that has made me well up with tears). I always thought that when this moment came, I'd be going off to Uni too. But I'm not and that's okay. That's not what this is about. This is about wanting to stay in contact and treasuring every moment I have with my friends before and after they leave because honestly, they are the bestest friends I could ever ever have and I do not know how I will survive without them. (although, I very much doubt that we'll loose contact because we r 4eva)

On another note, I'd love to make some new friends in 2016. Some friends that I'll have nearby to hang out with and maybe some friends that have similar interests to me (maybe other bloggers or models!). I haven't made any new pals in a long time but I kind of need to because or else I'll be pretty lonely. But who knows! I just can't deal with being on my lonesome *pulls sad emoji face*

6. Treat My Parents
I really want to treat my parents in some way next year. Hopefully when I start to earn a bitta cash I'll be able to treat them to something nice, even if it is just a meal at a restaurant they like or something. I'd just love to be able to give back to them a little bit!

7. Make My Room Pretty
My room is my little hideaway and work space and I literally spend all my time in there. However, it has become a little bit neglected over the past few months. I spend so much time in there working, sleeping, dancing around to know the usual... it would just be nice to make the perfect little space for me. It just really needs a little bit of TLC and organisation!

8. Party Party Party!
In 2016 I'll be turning 18! YAY! I want to celebrate my 18th birthday with a bang and have an amazing time. It will finally mean that all four of me and my friends will be 18. I want to just go out a lot more in general too. I'm young and love to have fun - I just want to live (and maybe get a little bit drunk)!

9. Don't Let The Bastards Get You Down
I've spent too much of my life letting shitty people get me down. Well, NO MORE! I don't care any more. I'm doing ME and you're doing YOU. So, so what if you think what I'm doing is daft?! Who cares?! I've got hella determination and no matter what I go through, I'm going to get somewhere in life.. I'll be making sure of it! *fist punch emoji*

10. Buy A Scratch Card
Ever since I turned 16, I've been meaning to buy a scratch card. However, I've never actually got round to it. There's something in me that just really feels like I might win something (lol I 99% won't but it's nice to dream). I'm owed some good luck this new year, so who knows!? maybe I could become a millionaire. (please let this happen lol)

11. Find A 'New Look'
You know me, I'm always chopping and changing what I look like. At the moment I feel like I need a bit of a change again. I'm a bit fed up with the drawn on brows and 'same length' hair and also miss my freckly fresh face. So, maybe it's time for a little make over...

12. Get Fit
I guess I already kind of started this mid 2015 but it still stands strong going into 2016. Since I lost A LOT of weight over the past few years, it's left me with a kind of 'empty bean bag' effect and I really just want to tone up. I in no way want to loose any more weight, but I would definitely love to look at least 10% like Kayla Itsines if possible please?! Gimme dem abs!

13. Get Out The House More
I am a hermit. I love sitting at home, in my room and chilling out but I often forget that it's nice to go outside too! I want to see more of the world but not necessarily in the sense of travelling from country to country but in the sense that I just want to walk down he street and appreciate how pretty a tree looks... or is that really sad? I don't know hahaha!

14. Watch Hella Lots Of Films
I love films. The one thing that I miss about College is studying Film because I absoloutley loved it. I love watching a movie and thinking 'Ooo i love the use of a POV shot there' or 'Ooo that's non-diegetic music' and just getting a bit nerdy with it. I also just miss broadening the range of films i've watched and I kind of just want to have watched everything haha. (If you have any good film recommendations, leave them below!)

10. Live
This might seem like a silly thing to put down because unless the world suddenly has a lack of supply of oxygen, then of course I should just keep being able to 'live'. However, what I mean by this is that I never for one moment next year, want to be in a position where I'm not living life to the fullest. I don't want to thinking about death till I'm at least 130, okay?! LIVE LIVE LIVE

Let me know what your goals are for 2016 and whether we have any in common!