As I sit writing this, I keep scratching my head because I have a hair full of glitter (all will be revealed) and I literally feel like I'm spreading fairy dust where ever I go. Hey, just call me Tinkerbell! Now, If that doesn't make me feel like something from a fairytale then wearing this dress from Frock and Frill certainly did.

Frock and Frill recently got in contact with me and asked me to chose something from their site. I knew the kind of the thing I wanted to go for - black and sparkly. I'm not usually one to go for anything with colour in it, so I just planned to pick something that was covered in black sparkly beads and feel a bit like a disco ball. However, when I spotted this gorgeous Sia Embelished Maxi Dress, something just clicked. It reminded me of fairy tales and stories about mythical lands hidden deep in the depths of forests. And well, you know me, I love to get all artsy fartsy with my posts!

The Sia Embellished Maxi Dress is a beautiful black floor length dress with sheer sleeves and beautiful beading detail. The sleeves are my favourite part and I think that they make the dress that little bit 'different' and also a little more modernised. I also adore the way that the floral pattern is created with the pretty beads. I obviously opted for a red lip with this dress to match the lovely red detail on the dress - it kind of made me feel like a modern day Snow White or something! I also loved how well the dress worked in this setting - I look like I'm ready to summon my woodland creatures hahaha!

Tell me, are you getting Fairytale vibes with this post? I certainly am!

You can shop the fabulous Frock and Frill site by clicking here and check out their amazing pieces - they're perfect for the festive season!