Morning all! Today I have for you a little bit of a hairy post. No no no, it's a lot less weird than I just made that sound haha. I'm actually going to be chatting to you about some hair products - something I haven't done in a very long time...

When my blog first started out, I only ever wrote about beauty, hair and all that jazzzz, now Simple Things is pretty much a predominantly fashion blog. However, I still love to share with you some products that I'm loving every now and again.

The other week I popped into my local hair dressers, Samuel Peter, to get my mop trimmed a little. I absoloutley love going there because 1. The staff there are all fabulous and 2. I adore their interior haha. After having my hair cut, they kindly sent me off with 3 products from TIGI to try out. Since I got a few little layers cut into my hair they suggested that I tried out the Oh Bee Hive! Matte Dry Shampoo, Salt Spray and Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray to help give my hair a little bit of texture.

I have absoloutley been loving using all three, especially the Oh Bee Hive! dry shampoo. I find that it gives my hair so much volume and makes my layers look super edgy, which I luuuurvvveee (don't judge me for typing that like an 11 year old haha). The Salt Spray is perfect for adding texture to my hair. I have quite thin and flat hair, so anything that can help my hair be a bit messier and more fun to play around with is perfect in my books. Lastly, the hairspray is brilliant for setting my style in place and I know for a fact that my Mum is actually obsessed with this stuff. It just gives your hair such a gorgeous finish and helps to hold it all in place!

If you're from near me (not giving you my postcode and address just in case there is a mass murderer amongst the 13K instagram followers...I mean... there must be at least one, right? *fears for life*) then I definitely recommend you pop into Samuel Peter and have a look at some of the great products they have for you there and they give you the best advice on how to use them too! Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed this post anyway  - maybe it gave you a little bit of a blast from the past (I'm looking at you guys who remember when I was lol)

Go grab some to try out ready for Christmas party time, go go go!