Christmas really is my favourite time of year. Unfortunately, I'm not feeling at all festive yet (I'm writing this on the 14th) so, I've decided to remind myself what I love about Christmas and also share it all with you guys!

1. Everyone Coming Together
Christmas is definitely the best time of year in terms of 'family time'. I've never had a super close family who can all come together in one place without there probably being some kind of awkwardness or whatever haha, but what I do find is that it brings the four of us, my Mum, Dad, Brother and I, all together, which is lovely. Especially this year, my brother left for Uni in Nottingham so having him back home for Christmas is really nice! (my Mum will deff cry again when he leaves tho) Last year was a tough Christmas, filled with a lot of worry, so this year, it's going to be a lot better!

2. Food
FOOD YUM. Despite spending last year completely terrified of Christmas dinner, this year I couldn't be more excited. Christmas dinner has always been my favourite. It's nice to not be scared of it this year and to just think about how many sprouts I can eat (yes, I like sprouts, don't judge me).

3. Gift Giving
I love giving gifts. I like getting people little surprises and seeing their reactions when they open them up on Christmas morning. I especially try and get something sentimental for my Mum because I know she's a soppy git who will mostly likely cry and then be eternally touched by the gesture haha.

4. Festive Spirit
Oh gosh, I just love festive spirit. I find that everyone is so cheery at Christmas time (well, not if you're out Christmas shopping at 5pm on a Friday night) and that everyone just wants to enjoy the festivities, which is just lovely! I adore seeing twinkly lights outside everyone's houses and hearing Miriah Carey playing in cafes. ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOUUUUUU

5. A Fresh Start and Reflection
I always use Christmas as a time to reflect on the past year and I think especially this year, this is incredibly important for me. I want to wave goodbye to all the bad stuff I've been through this year and say 'hello' to a brand new life in 2016. I feel like there is so much good to come next year and it would be a shame to keep dwelling on the bad things I've been through. All I want to use those for is to help others and show you the difference between me then and now! It's a new year, a new me (I'm so cheeeesy haha)

So, there you have it. There are a few reasons why I love Christmas and what this time of year means to me. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to be grateful for all the wonderful things in life this Christmas and have a cosy Christmas Eve, love you guys ♥