Woah! I know what you're thinking, 'Holly, that's a hella lot of colour for you!' and I KNOW.

I spotted this shirt on the beautiful Megan Ellaby and just couldn't seem to get it out of my head for about two weeks. There was something about the colours and style that was just drawing in me in. So, on a lazy weekend whilst online shopping, i bought it on a whim (with the initial intention of most likely returning it). When it arrived I was neither here nor there about it. I loved it and loathed it all at the same time. I'm one of those people that needs to wear fitted clothes - it just makes me feel like my clothes fit me 'well', you know? But I thought screw it and decided I'd give this shirt a chance!

Here I've paired the shirt along with some dark denim ASOS jeans, my Public Desire boots and my trusty little bag from TK Maxx. I also opted for a peachy/orangey toned lip to match the stripes in the top!

I do really like this look, although it does kind of pain me to be wearing such bold colours haha! I think this is piece that is great for dressing up or dressing down and would also look absoloutley gorgeous with a little black skirt and heels!

I forgot to mention, the shirt is from Daisy Street!

Let me know what you think of these bold colours on me and whether I should be giving colours more of a space in my wardrobe!