Happy New Year you lovely lot! Welcome to my first blog post of 2016 which, is actually a collaboration with two fabulous brands, Dizen and In The Style!

On Christmas Eve, I was in a state of 'I have nothing to wear!' when it occurred to me that I'd been sent some lovely pieces to style for my blog just the day before. Without even realising it, the 3 pieces I had chosen all went together perfectly to create a look which I just loveeeee and honestly I just want to keep wearing it over and over again!

This look consists of this lovely Vera Moda Luxo Black Long Sleeve Roll Neck Top from Dizen, which I actually included in my collection over on their blog (you can check that out here!), along with this amazing skirt and coat from In The Style. The top itself is just perfect for me. It's simple, it's black and it keeps me warm in the cold weather...what more could I want? The material is lovely and soft and it's such an easy piece to put with any kind of look. Then the skirt, I have to say, is probably the main attraction of this outfit. I am absoloutley in love with the navy leather and the zip up front - it fits me to perfection too! Navy is a colour I love but don't often gravitate towards however, I absoloutley love pairing navy and black together since I just think that it looks so chic. Then finally, the coat topped the look off by adding a bit of brightness with it's lovely clean grey colour. I love the style and simplicity of it because it means it will go with pretty much any outfit!

Also, as I mentioned, I've created a collection of my favourite pieces over on the Dizen blog. They have some absolutely lovely pieces, most of which are perfect for us minimalist lovers, and they've kindly given you, my beautiful readers, 20% off the pieces I chose. All you have to do is enter my code HOLLYW20 and hey presto! You could grab yourself a lovely new dress or you could even re-create this look if you like it enough haha!

I really have fallen head over heels in love with this look and I'm probably going to be wearing it to death this January. Let me know what you think of the look and also remember to go and check out Dizen and In The Style for some fabulous bargains!

Happy New Year guys, have a wonderful 2016! ♥