Holy crap I'm wearing trainers. Yeah, you saw right. For once, I don't in fact have high heels on! Do I look shorter? ahaha.

Hey guys! Today's post is an unusual one for me. I decided I wanted to try out a bit of a sporty vibe after spotting this fab dress on ASOS over in December and thinking just how chic, yet edgy it was. I actually stole my Dad's coat for this look (ooops sorry Dad) and threw on my Adidas because well, my usual black high heels don't really scream 'SPORTS' do they?

It was kind of a spur of the moment outfit. I wanted to try and pair the dress with a hoodie or something like that, but they're not really my thing. So, I just thought an oversized coat would give the look a bit of 'attitude' (I swear to god, the way I describe things I could legit be my Mum). The dress is actually by Daisy Street and I just love the fit, the material, everything! I haven't a clue where my Dad's coat is from haha but I honestly love the oversize fit on me (although I'm pretty sure it's meant to be a fitted jacket on him)

Let me know if you're feeling this sporty look on me and whether it's something I should try out more often!