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Recently I've been a very busy bee so have been loving embracing my no-make up look on my days off and have also forgotten how to have nice hair, so please forgive my appearance haha.

In today's post, I've styled some of my favourite pieces of the moment all together to create a bit of comfy yet still stylish 'off-duty' look.

Zara Sweat - I picked up this sweater/jumper the other day after eyeing it up on the Zara website. I'm not usually one to gravitate towards anything cropped but I just really love the style. The crop and the high neck look so cool and the simple grey colour means it's super easy to throw on with any look!

In The Style Skirt - You've seen this bad boy before. This skirt is absolutely amazing! It fits me perfectly and makes my figure look so good *thank you clothing gods* whilst also just being super easy to put on with the zip up fastening. The navy colour helps to add a bit of a 'pop' to my outfits too, but I would also absolutely love this in black as well! eeek!

Public Desire Boots - I got these beauties for Christmas and completely adore them. They are very high, so a little tricky to walk in, but they're amazing nonetheless. They make my legs look nice and long and slim whilst also just adding a kind of 'chic' vibe to a look. Loveeeeee!


  1. Seriously in love with the skirt! x

  2. Once again you look even without makeup!!I love both the skirt and the boots...They suits you so well ^_^

    xoxo Afrodite ~ BubblyBeauty

  3. Such a simple outfit but you still look stunning, adore this look...

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  4. Looking UNREAL in this post Hol! That skirt is my fave thing ever!

    Robyn / Phases Of Robyn


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