I am 100% not ready in any of these photos because it was hella windy this day, so please forgive me. But, hey! Here's an outfit that I completely forgot to post before the new year!

This isn't a usual outfit for me. I love fitted clothes, tucking tops into jeans and clip clopping along in my high heels - it isn't often you'll find me in a baggy jumper and comfy leggings unless I'm sat lazying around in bed. However, on freezing cold wintry days, there's nothing better than throwing on loads of layers and staying cosy and warm.

Here I'm wearing a comfy white tee from Boohoo Mens, my grey H&M jumper, my Levi's Denim Jacket and a pair of leggings because... COMFORT. It's such a simple outfit (much like all my outfits) but it still looks pretty cool whilst allowing me to contain at least 50% body heat (why are there so many percentages in this blog post???)

Let me know what you think of this different kind of look down in the comments and maybe give me some tips on layering clothes, because I definitely need some practice at it haha!