The Imogen Jumper Dress with Lilylulu


Here I am, trying to sport something oversized again. I'm really not sure if I can pull of this look, but I'm giving it my best go!

Anyway, hello you lot! Today's post features this fabulous jumper dress that Lilylulu kindly sent me to write about. Now, you may be thinking 'Holly? Colourful clothing? Again?' and whilst you might be right in the fact that I have been awfully adventurous, I did originally pick the black version of this haha. Unfortunately, the black one was out of stock, so they asked if I'd like the burgundy one and well, why the hell not ey?!

I always see so many beautiful bloggers wearing these jumper dresses with their high knee boots and smokin hot figures and I always want to look like them! Unfortunately, I'm not blessed with a bootylicious figure and represent something much more like a piece of cardboard but again, I still wanted to give it a go!

I simply styled this Roll Neck Chunky Knit Jumper Dress along with my gorgeous Public Desire boots and a bit of a hair tuck of course. The jumper is such a stand out piece because of the style and colour, that it's easy to leave it to do all the talking! I also went for a bit of pinky/purple lip to match and tie the whole look together.

Let me know what you think, can I pull this off?!


  1. Absolutely adore this it looks so cosy yet you manage to make it look so chic too! Definitely suits you and love how simply you've styled it
    Amy xx Call Me Amy

  2. I absolutely love the color of the jumper dress! Oh and btw, your eyes though <3

  3. Love this outfit! That jumper and those shoes are amazing!

    Flower Crowns and Fairytales

  4. Oh wow, the sweater is soo beautiful!

    Hmm...also so ganz anfreunden kann ich mich auch nicht damit. Es gibt einfach so viele (Jeans-)Looks, die viel besser aussehen, find ich. ;)

    xx Kathi

  5. You look so stunning as always, your eyelashes never fail to amaze me!

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  6. You can definitely pull it off, you look beaut! I love oversized jumpers, it really does look good on you :)

    Just gave you a follow on Bloglovin, been scrolling through your outfit posts - love your style!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  7. This looks gorge on you! And I could totally deal with looking like "a piece of cardboard" if it meant having your figure haha


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