Hello all! Today's post brings you a very pretty princess...Me. Lol. I'm just kidding. But, this dress definitely does make me feel very princess-like!

Llunaa recently sent me a few pieces to blog about and amazingly this was one of them. I was so excited when I saw that this was going to be one of the pieces I was asked to style because LOOK. HOW. PRETTY! This is simply named the 'Lace Dress' on their website (and it's recently gone on sale for £97.00 down from £138.00, yaaaas). I loved that it doesn't have a fancy name or anything because I really do think that the dress speaks for itself! It's just so beautiful. The dress has an nude/skin colour under layer which makes the lacy look and cut out detail just work so perfectly. The sleeves are a lovely contrast too as they're lovely and floaty where as the rest of the dress is quite structured.

Here, I simply wiped on a pinky nude lipstick, grabbed some black heels and voila! I just let the dress do all the talking! Sometimes with beautiful dresses like this, there's no need to do anything other than put it on and go. I think sometimes simplicity is the best way to go because you don't want to distract from a show stopping dress!

If you're looking for a pretty dress yourself or just for some exciting new pieces for your wardrobe then I definitely recommend you head onto the Llunaa website and take a look - they have some great bits!

Let me know if you agree with my whole 'simplicity is key' idea or whether you'd like to see me be a bit more 'out there' with my styling...