Fifty shades of grey? No not that many...and not at all that kinky! Today I present to you '3 Shades Of Grey' an outfit by Holly White.

Dorothy Perkins have really caught my attention this Spring/Summer. They have some amazing new pieces coming in and these are pieces which I've been completely obsessed with ever since they sent over the preview in their magazine a few weeks back. They recently got in contact with me again after working with them on their #dreamsparkleshine campaign last year (which, you guys loved! (thanks by the way)) and asked me to pick a few pieces to style from their site. I'm really trying to incorporate some other pieces that aren't black into my wardrobe at the moment, so of course, I just went and chose an all grey outfit haha.

I love that all 3 of these pieces are grey, yet they're all kind of different. The dress has a bit of a speckled texture, whilst the waistcoat is more woven and the heels are suede - they all match yet all contrast at the same time ... love it!

This outfit is made up of the Grey 'Emie' High Court Shoe, the Grey Ribbed V-Neck Bodycon Dress and then finally, the Grey Sleeveless Jacket. Individually, all of these pieces are gorgeous but I just couldn't resist mixing them all together and seeing what happened and to be honest, I really do love the look! The dress is such a perfect fit and nice and figure hugging and the heels are so comfy (thank god, because my feet can't hack any shoe pain...)

Let me know, what do you think of this all grey outfit? yey or ney?

Also, remember to go and check out the Dorothy Perkins site and keep an eye out for all of their new fabulous pieces!