Here's an outfit that I shot ages ago now and that I completely forgot to post!

As you all probably know, all of my outfits usually evolve from my obsession with black and so, I decided that I would create a sassy all-black outfit for all you monochrome lovers out there.

I've had these Culottes for so so so long now. You might even remember me writing about when I picked them up in Primark for like £3.00 or something if you're a long term reader - they're probably one of my best bargainous purchases ever! They've always been a little big for me so tend to sit on my hips rather than round my waist which I would prefer, but they're fab nonetheless. I styled them along with a simple black high neck crop from H&M and then of course, my black heels from ASOS.

There's something about this look that just makes me feel like a complete badass or kind of like I should be in an R&B music video haha and I love it!

I'd love to know how you'd style these Culottes, let me know in the comments below!